Fighting for Fathers

Our Portland Family Lawyer is a Decisive and Effective Fighter for Fathers’ Custody and Divorce Rights

Divorce is painful, especially when children are involved. For many men facing divorce, the prospect carries an added anxiety when it comes to child custody. Dads in divorce proceedings are often forced to wonder: will the judge take away my children?

The hard truth is that divorce courts award fathers primary custody in a minority of cases, and the custody bias against fathers is a frustrating wall that many divorcing dads find difficult to scale.

Fortunately, fathers have a champion. Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston is fighting for fathers, providing experienced, decisive and effective custody representation for fathers and standing up for father rights. Mr. Johnston seeks custody for men in divorce and modification matters, as well as for unmarried dads. He also represents clients in paternity, grandparents’ and interstate custody matters.

Mr. Johnston can provide his clients with decisive men’s rights advice on custody and divorce cases, offering confidential and compassionate consultations, whether the client is pre-divorce, is seeking a second opinion on custody or wants to stop his child’s mother from moving the child to another city, state or country.  Mr. Johnston is experienced in handling these move-away cases, whether dads need help stopping move-aways or need help initiating them for himself and his children.

Our Mission

Ronald Johnston’s mission as a fathers’ rights lawyer is multi-faceted. Ronald Johnston  can assure that:

  • We seek and protect custody and parenting time rights for good fathers and their children.
  • We meet good fathers at bad times in their lives, and we help them forge new financial and emotional bases for carrying on in the future.
  • We represent our clients who are fathers to the best of our ability, and we obtain for our clients the best result the law allows.
  • We protect and establish fathers’ rights in divorce and custody cases.
  • We counsel fathers on how to make wise choices about their emotional and financial futures, and we then use the court system to help implement these choices.

Many men believe the court will never give them the time with their children they deserve and their children need. We are fighting for fathers, and we will fight for you. Contact Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston today for a consultation and find out how you can protect your relationship with your children.

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