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Portland Family Lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston Can Keep Child Support Fair

Father ComfortingIn many marriages, a divorce or a separation affects more people than the couple. A family with children has to make legal decisions about the daily lives of the kids. Money always factors into these arrangements because children require as many necessities as adults. However, courts often burden fathers with high child support expenses. Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston understands that legal decisions sometimes turn into struggles with mothers versus fathers, and he provides guidance to the fathers involved in child support disputes.

About Child Support

A child support order is required in most custody cases involving minor children or unmarried children under age 21 who are attending college. The amount of child support payments is determined by applying administrative guidelines. The court also requires provisions concerning health and life insurance, payment of uninsured health care expenses and payment of day care expenses. Unfortunately, the court’s guidelines do not favor many of the factors that are of importance to men.

An experienced Portland family lawyer often can find ways to navigate around the guidelines to soften their blow. Mr. Johnston knows how to push for creative solutions in father’s cases.

Child support may be set by a court in a contested hearing or by an agreed order. Administrative proceedings through the Oregon Department of Justice may also establish child support. If done in this manner, the administrative order is docketed and enforced as a court judgment. Mr. Johnston understands the various ways that the courts establish child support in father’s cases, and he knows how to represent fathers in the most effective way that the law allows.

The remarriage of the wife often is an issue in child support cases, and Portland family lawyer Ronald Johnston knows the effect of remarriage of the wife on applicable support guidelines.

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