Child Support Payments Too High?

Portland Family Attorney Helping Fathers With Child Support Modification

Child support documentPortland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston has been assisting fathers with child support and other family law matters for 36 years and understands the challenges fathers face in the Oregon family court system. He helps divorced and unmarried fathers resolve child support cases expeditiously to ensure their children receive the food, shelter, necessities and health care they need, without forcing either parent to contribute beyond their means. He also assists fathers with modifying existing child support orders when a court has ordered them to pay more than they can afford or when a change in economic circumstances warrants an adjustment.

How is Child Support Determined?

When a couple with children gets a divorce, determinations must be made concerning the financial support of the children, including insurance coverage and health care. Unmarried couples with children may also require child support arrangements to ensure both parents are contributing to the care of the children. Generally, child support is either court ordered or established in an agreed order entered into by the parents. Support typically continues until minor children turn 18, or until unmarried children attending college turn 21. A lot can change over the years, sometimes making it necessary to modify an existing child support order. Factors that may warrant modification of a child support order include:

  • Job loss
  • Substantial change in income
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Changes in children’s needs
  • Additional children being born
  • Emancipation of other children
  • Termination or modification of spousal support
  • Changes to child custody agreements or parenting time plans

Substantial Change in Circumstances for Child Support Modification

Unfortunately, some courts have a tendency to overburden fathers with high child support payments they cannot afford, which may also necessitate modification of a child support order. The parent seeking to modify the order has the burden of demonstrating a substantial change in economic circumstances. Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston has the knowledge and experience to help you successfully demonstrate a change in circumstances in order to obtain modification of an existing child support order. Whether you are divorced or unmarried, he can assist you with all family law matters involving your minor children.

To learn more about child support modification and your rights as a father, contact Ronald Johnston today. Whether you are required to pay child support or you receive it, Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston can help you find a suitable balance between your financial means and your children’s well-being.


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