Dads and Divorce

Portland Divorce Attorney Ronald Allen Johnston Provides Vital Advice

Arguing with familyRonald Allen Johnston is an experienced Portland divorce lawyer, but he cannot advise you whether to end your marriage, as that is your personal decision. However, he can advise you on the necessary steps and the costs likely to be incurred once you decide to take this step. If you are interested as a parent, he can advise you on how the divorce process affects your rights as a father. Mr. Johnston is a leading lawyer in Oregon in the areas of divorce, separation and dissolution of marriage and particularly in father’s rights. He has the experience to guide you in making the decision on how to end your marriage while retaining your rights as a father.

Divorce in Oregon

Oregon is a no-fault divorce state. Either party may obtain a dissolution of marriage, also called a divorce, by filing a divorce petition in the circuit court alleging that irreconcilable differences have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage. When the dissolution of marriage (divorce) is completed, a person’s marriage is ended and he is restored to the status of a single person.

As part of divorce proceedings, the court has statutory powers to award custody and parenting time for children. In addition, the court can order child support, spousal support and provisions for health and life insurance as well as divide property, allocate debts and award attorney fees.

Seek Advice from an Experienced Divorce Attorney

Fathers who know that they are unhappy with their marriages but are not aware of the emotional and financial cost of divorce regularly consult Mr. Johnston, the experienced Portland divorce lawyer. Some dads consult with him confidentially and then decide to keep fighting for their marriages. Some fathers learn about their rights and obligations concerning child support and custody in a divorce and then use that information to negotiate a reconciliation. Other fathers, when armed with facts and advice, choose to end the marriage.

In each case, filing for divorce is a personal and unique choice. Divorce is a blend of considerations, including financial matters and fathers’ rights. Therefore, it is critical that you as a father have the knowledge, facts and advice necessary to make an informed decision. A consultation with a knowledgeable family attorney who is fighting for fathers is crucial to protecting your interests, so contact Portland divorce attorney Ronald Allen Johnston today.

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