Father Custody Rights

Portland Custody Lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston will Fight for Fathers

Father and sonEven a so-called “good” divorce can include custody decisions that are not favorable to both parties, especially for fathers. Portland custody attorney Ronald Allen Johnston understands that obtaining custody of children is very important to good fathers.

What does custody mean for a father? Custody is not just providing the primary home for a child. If you are awarded custody of a child, then you have the power to make major decisions for that child. These decisions include significant matters such as where to live, whether to use public or private education, when and how to begin dating, what sports and other activities to play, what religion to practice and medical decisions as well as less significant decisions such as body art, piercings, how the child wears his/her hair and bed times.

Custody Laws

In a contested custody proceeding, a judge must award custody based on the best interest of the child. Oregon Revised Statute 107.135 lists some criteria that a judge must consider when awarding custody. These include:

  • Emotional ties between the child and other family members
  • The interest and attitudes of a party toward the child
  • The desirability of continuing an existing relationship
  • Abuse between parents
  • The preference for a primary caregiver of the child
  • The willingness of each parent to facilitate a close relationship between the child and the other parent

The statute specifically prohibits a custody decision based by isolating any one of the relevant factors…to the exclusion of other factors.

The Primary Parent in Custody Battles

Of the criteria that judges consider, the factor that decides most cases is determining which parent has been the primary, or psychological, parent of the child. This factor is critical to fathers who are fighting for custody.

In many families, the parents decide that the father is the primary breadwinner and that the mother should stay at home more. However, when a custody matter goes to the judge in these situations, the judges say that the mother has been the primary parent historically. Accordingly, many custody cases are won or lost before the father ever sees an attorney, based on decisions made by the parents in the past.

In family law, how one defines the issues often dictates what the result of the case will be. A family lawyer can argue that the historical primary parent is impaired in some significant way. In addition, an experienced Portland custody attorney can argue that there are two co-primary parents. Mr. Johnston is experienced in seeking and defending custody for fathers. Therefore, in these types of cases, this experienced Portland custody lawyer can sort out issues to offer arguments to the court for the best possible presentation of the case.

Skilled advocacy and litigation experience have a great impact on a father’s prospects in custody cases. Ronald Allen Johnston is a leading lawyer in the area of father’s rights custody litigation. Before you make a final decision on custody, you should consult with Mr. Johnston for a confidential evaluation of your rights as a father. Mr. Johnston is licensed statewide in Oregon. Most of his cases are in the Portland metropolitan area, but he regularly consults on or handles cases in Southern, Eastern and Central Oregon, at the coast and at other places in Oregon. Contact Portland custody lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston today, because he is fighting for fathers, and he will fight for you and your right to be involved in your child’s life.

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