Fighting for Fathers

Portland Family Lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston Understands Your Struggle

Father and kidsCourt decisions regarding divorce affect your future and your children’s future. If you are seriously considering a claim for custody, parenting time or child support, you should consult an experienced Portland family lawyer confidentially and immediately before taking any actions. Ronald Allen Johnston has a special reputation for innovative litigation of fathers’ custody claims, as well as parenting time and support matters. Sadly, a bad tactical decision made by the father may cause him to win or lose his case before a first consultation even occurs. It is so tempting for a peace-seeking father to move out to create a calmer atmosphere or for the good of the children. Often, however, this decision is a devastating mistake for your father’s rights custody case.

For more information about how to safeguard yourself against the opposing side’s tactics, please read the page in this website on Common Mistakes. Be sure not to make any of these mistakes before consulting Ronald Allen Johnston, your experienced Portland family attorney.

Defending Fathers’ Rights in the Courtroom

Ron Johnston is an experienced trial lawyer who has a passion for handling fathers’ custody cases. As a father’s rights client, you need a respected Portland family lawyer who thinks like a trial judge and who knows how trial judges want the facts and issues of the case presented. In addition, you need legal counsel who will honestly tell you if your custody case is viable, if you should cut losses by settling or if you should press a case relentlessly.

Extensive knowledge of fathers’ rights must be combined with fresh and innovative courtroom techniques in order to prevail in your father’s rights claim. Attitude and bravado do not count much in these areas of family law, but experience and dedication to effective litigation tactics do. When selecting a lawyer for your father’s rights case, consider Ronald Johnston’s credentials and experience. Mr. Johnston will defend your rights in the courtroom because he is always fighting for fathers.

Choose a Portland Family Attorney Who Understands

Lawyers who relate to their clients are able to defend them better, since empathy allows them to understand the frustration and pain of your situation. Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston is a divorced father. He is an excellent dad who pioneered ways in which lawyers could combine their families and their careers, and he showed how lawyers could effectively work at home while caring for young or sick children. Because of his personal experience, Ronald Allen Johnston has the wisdom to recognize a good dad and the experience to portray the dad’s fatherly attributes effectively to custody evaluators, judges and other custody decision-makers. Contact Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston today. He is the kind of lawyer and father that you want to handle the most important legal matter you will ever undertake. We are fighting for fathers, and we will fight for you – call today.

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