Why Should You Retain Portland Family Lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston?

Fishing with sonRonald Johnston provides a special brand of family law counseling and litigation for fathers. Mr. Johnston has over 40 years of concentrated practice experience in family law. He established his family law practice in 1985, at a time when family law began emerging as a recognized law practice specialty. Since that time, Portland family lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston has devoted nearly all of his time and efforts to the practice of domestic relations law. Mr. Johnston has striven to make his practice and predecessor law firms one of the leading family law firms in Oregon. Along the way, Mr. Johnston began receiving voluminous referrals from several different fathers’ rights groups, and he gained substantial experience in the fathers’ rights arena. He learned to apply his special blend of family law practice, family law counseling, family law litigation skills and impressive courtroom skills to claims by fathers for custody and parenting time.

Ronald Johnston gives each client personal attention. Cases do not get “handed around,” as sometimes happens in larger family law firms in Portland.

How Do You Choose a Family Lawyer?

Family law is a difficult law practice area.  Fathers’ rights matters are even more difficult. There are very few issues that are decided on “the letter of the law,” and there are few “right or wrong” decisions in fathers’ rights divorce and custody cases. Some clients are willing to pay their entire net worth to obtain custody of their children. Other clients readily concede custody but want to diligently protect their business and retirement assets.

Each family law case is as different and unique as the client. Mr. Johnston recognizes this, and he counsels clients to make the best choice available by listening to his clients and addressing each client’s specific goals and ambitions.

A family law attorney in the 21st century should possess the following attributes:

  • Superior technical knowledge of family law
  • Hard-nosed litigation ability, born of years of courtroom experience
  • Intuitive ability to discern what items are or should be important to clients
  • Sufficient wisdom to guide and advise clients through a myriad of decisions
  • The experience to put a case together in an effective manner for each specific father

Your Best Choice for Divorce, Custody and Fathers’ Rights

When considering which family law attorney, or, specifically, which fathers’ rights attorney, to consult with or to retain, use the above criteria to compare Ronald Johnston  against other family law attorneys.

Mr. Johnston has excellent technical knowledge of family law. He has the experience to counsel and guide distressed fathers through the minefield of emotions and laws that is present in most family law custody cases. When appropriate, he can be a hard‑nosed and effective courtroom litigator. A better result for most clients and fathers, however, is to resolve fathers’ rights cases prior to trial. In this regard, he prides himself on being a creative negotiator and “finder of solutions.” He has the experience to decisively determine which issues should be litigated and which issues should be settled. In addition, Mr. Johnston is experienced in resolving disputes by mediation, arbitration, settlement conferences and other forms of alternate dispute resolution.

Mr. Johnston keeps abreast of the technical developments in domestic relations law. He far exceeds the required minimum continuing legal education requirements of the Oregon State Bar, often by two or three times. He makes it a point to be aware of and aggressively use the provisions of the Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Rules of Evidence and Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure to the best advantage of his father-clients. Mr. Johnston is also pleased and proud that he has received the prestigious “AV” rating from the Martindale‑Hubbell law directory. This rating reflects the opinion of other lawyers in the field that he is considered to have “very high to preeminent” legal ability in family law.

Most family law decisions are based on the trial judge’s discretion and personal sense of fairness and experience. Because of this, Portland custody attorney Ronald Allen Johnston makes a concerted effort to learn how each family law judge deals with various family law matters, and he shares this information with a group of other family lawyers by collegial consulting and by regularly scheduled attorney meetings. Very few law firms in Oregon make this effort. He also will guide dads to realize that an argument, while logical and based on a statute, will sometimes not work with a judge who is making a custody decision.

Mr. Johnston is dedicated to the concept of “superior client service.” A judge makes the final decision in most matters, so he cannot guarantee any particular result in most cases; however, he does guarantee that he will always keep clients fully informed. If he believes a client is making a faulty decision, he will so advise the client. He also guarantees that he will do his utmost to solve each father’s problem in a timely and effective manner.

Contact Portland family attorney Ronald Allen Johnston today for a consultation with the best lawyer that family law has to offer. He fights for fathers, and he will fight for you. Call today.

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